Hope for Columbus/Hope for America

 is a vision and strategy to call the body of Christ in our city to city-wide solemn assemblies of prayer, worship and social/civic engagement for Citywide Transformation.


Meeting with City of Columbus Mayor Ginther

Meeting to curtail crime in our city of Columbus Ohio with Mayor and City Fathers and Leaders. #HopeforColumbus

Building Cities of Refuge

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Coming Soon! The New Home of Hope for Columbus/America

Our 2020 Vision for HFCA

I believe 2020 will be The Year of the Appointed Time of Fulfilled Visions and Dreams from years and decades past.  One such vision is a dream I had in 2017 of being given a strip mall with a daycare attached. 

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Grand Opening of an Hope for Columbus Outreach

Announcing the launching of an LEC (Learning Extension Centers) with Hope for Columbus/Hope for America in Collaboration with Men of Courage Derrick Lewis along with LifeWise Academy Joel Penton and Steve Clifton Oasis of Love at Lindsay Honda Columbus Ohio. Go to Noe Mathis Eastidelec for more information or to Join us at 5545 Scarborough Blvd Columbus Ohio to connect with this LEC Initiative


Help us bring Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow with our Hope for Columbus Outreaches

Give to bring Hope to our City through the many outreaches of Hope for Columbus, Worship, Prayer and Evangelism for City-Wide Transformation

In the summer of August 2015 Hope for Columbus launched this vision by conducting 10 days of 24hr prayer, worship and evangelism at a church called Shiloh Christian Center in Downtown Columbus, in the center of the city, that has been going non-stop, prayer, worship and evangelism since. Shiloh Christian Center is now a city-wide prayer room where varied races, denominations and congregations gather day and night. 



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